Every cell in the body depends on the healthy circulation of blood to deliver oxygen and nutrition and remove carbon dioxide and waste. Loss of adequate circulation can cause tissue damage and result in many types of diseases.

    Poor circulation can manifest in many different ways from suffering from cold hands and feet to the varicose vein, hypertension, metabolic syndrome or hardening of the arteries. Organ tissues such as the retina of the eye and the filter of the kidney are particularly rich in circulation, because of their specific functions. Healthy circulation determines the blood supply and nutrient flow to all our vital tissues and organs in order to keep them strong and healthy.

    One of the main ways in which acupuncture is understood to work in western medicine is by affecting the circulatory system and improving blood flow. From its treatment of musculoskeletal injuries to the improvement of the functioning of the organs, acupuncture and herbal medicine can work to change the blood flow to specific areas or more generally to.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, the diagnoses of blood deficiency and blood stagnation are central to the diagnostic process. Because of its long experience with treating such conditions, both acupuncture and herbs can be very beneficial for treating circulatory disorders.