Diarrhea is a common problem. Whatever the cause of diarrhea, the result is poor absorption of nutrients and water loss. Diarrhea can be an indication of a food intolerance causing difficulty digesting certain foods. Alternatively, it could be a chronic weakness in the digestive system.

    In order to find the underlying cause, a proper consultation is necessary to get more understanding of your diet, digestive system, emotion and stress level, as digestion can be strongly affected by stress, cause diarrhea, constipation or IBS.

    Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese dietary therapy can all see good improvement in a wide range of digestive problems. Acupuncture in conjunction with herbal medicine is useful in easing gas, tension and bloating, strengthening the stomach and bowel to prevent the loss of nutrients. Acupuncture and herbal medicine offer effective treatment for all sorts of diarrhea.