Frozen shoulder is pain and stuffiness in and the shoulder that severely restricts movement. There may be shooting sensations that radiate either down the arm or into the neck and could also be tingling in the hands.

    Frozen shoulders can occur very suddenly, it may be linked to injury or overuse of the joint that causes inflammation, Trigger points in the muscles could also create painful shorting of the muscles that control the shoulder joint, causing increased mechanical stress on the rotator cuff group of muscles.
    Acupuncture can provide very effective treatment for most shoulder complaints, although herbal medicine may be used in certain situations. This may be combined with the use of medical TuiNa, or manipulation to achieve the best results.

    In our clinic, treatment aims to treat the underlying cause where possible. Successful treatment will restore homeostasis within the tissue, can provide safe, effective and gentle treatment for frozen shoulder, often reducing pain and increasing mobility in just a few sessions.