Frozen Shoulder

    Safe, gentle & effective solution

    • Restores motion & mobility
    • Reduces pain sensation
    • Long lasting relief

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    We provide safe, effective and gentle treatment for frozen shoulder, often reducing pain and increasingly mobility in just a few sessions.
    Frozen shoulder is a painful and debilitating inflammatory condition that affects the
    shoulder joint. It occurs when the tissue around the shoulder becomes inflamed and
    tight, making it stiff and tender to move.
    Overusing or underusing the shoulder muscles or arm can trigger frozen shoulder and
    it can persist for months or even years. In conventional medicine, it is usually
    treated with pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections.
    Acupuncture decreases shoulder stiffness and improves range of motion and mobility
    by enhancing local blood flow in the shoulder. Stronger blood flow improves
    nutrient delivery and reduces pain sensation, increases the movement of the shoulder.
    Acupuncture can provide very effective treatment for most shoulder complaints. Shoulder
    issues are predominantly treated with acupuncture, although cupping or herbal medicine
    may be used in certain situations to achieve the best results.