Knee/ Foot / Ankle pain

    Effective & natural pain relief

    • Targets the instability
    • Improves mobility
    • Reduces need for surgery

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    At Yan Clinic, an Intermediate Frequency Electrotherapy has been using
    help reduce knee, foot or ankle pain and improve their physical function.
    Knee, foot or ankle pain can have several causes including surrounding muscle tightness,
    acute injury, and chronic pain due to arthritis or joint deterioration.


    Intermediate Frequency Electrotherapy utilizes low level frequency which penetrates through
    skin into deeper tissue, working as a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment just as effective
    as anti-inflammatory medications.


    This makes it effective for pain relief, natural tissue regeneration and healthy blood flow,
    can be an ideal comfortable treatment in treating foot/knee pain, swelling ankle, carpal
    tunnel syndrome, lymphedema or diabetic foot.


    Acupuncture can help loosen tight muscles which can reduce inflammation, release pain
    relieve endorphins, promote blood circulation and allow the knee’s structure to return
    to normal,


    If you are suffering with swollen ankle or chronic knee pain, and looking for pain relief
    without surgery or drugs, Yan Clinic will definitely be the answer!
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