The sinuses were located between the eyes and either side of the nose are the most prone to infection and inflammation. They are affected due to an upper respiratory tract disorder such as the common cold, allergic rhinitis or where mucus is a predominant symptom. The mucus tends to collect in the sinuses and may flare up from time to time as an inflammation.


    Within Chinese medicine, long-term sinusitis is often caused by repeated infections by the common cold or influenza viruses, it results in stagnation of mucus in the nose and sinuses. The sinuses may be tender to touch. It can be severe with facial pain or headache if the mucus is thick.


    The conventional treatment of sinusitis is various, antibiotics are often prescribed for severer attacks, corticosteroids spray and surgery are also available, but the persistent suppression of medication may eventually weaken Lung energy and drive the phlegm deep into the lung.


    The best treatment for sinusitis is acupuncture and herbal medicine. They are aimed at clearing the phlegm from the nasal cavities, strengthening the immune energy, so that provide long-lasting benefits for the whole body. Most improvements will be seen in the first session of acupuncture treatment.