Sinusitis & Hay Fever

    Natural & non-invasive solutions

    • Relieves symptoms
    • Repair damaged nasal tissues
    • Feels better in 2 to 3 sessions

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    By using our special integrative medicine with acupuncture together had a 90%
    effective rate at relieving the symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis.
    Conventional approach usually prescribe antibiotics or corticosteroids, these medications
    come with a host of dangerous side-effects. In particular, they may cause swelling of the
    membranes lining in the nose or sinus leading to recurrent infection and inflammation.


    Acupuncture has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the body, helping to reduce
    the inflammation in the sinus cavities and decrease pain levels, it helps with the flow of
    fluids inside the nasal passageway, and can assist in the drainage of congested mucous.


    Herbal medicine utilizes herbs that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties that can
    help relieve symptoms of hay fever & sinusitis. It aims to clear mucous and phlegm, reduce
    swollen of nasal pass away, while addressing allergies, headache, or facial pain.


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