Athletes and other people who exercise strenuously risk sports injuries, such as strains, sprains, bursitis or ligament injuries. Sports injuries may occur suddenly or may develop more gradually as a result of repeated stresses. One third of these injuries are serious enough to result in medical treatment or to affect normal day-to-day activities.

    Most joint and muscle injuries require a course of several treatments to resolve symptoms. Each treatment elicits a response within the affected tissue, which may increase or decrease pain and inflammation.

    Muscle injuries, such as hamstring strains or ankle sprains can occur in any sport, especially if you fail to warm up properly before starting. Painful knees often result from jumping, running or falling caused by sweeping and inflammation, and plantar fasciitis is common in long-distance runners, affects the sole of the foot.
    Acupuncture is increasingly used by top sports players and athletes and can be very effective in the treatment of injury to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It has been proven to increase pain suppressing hormones and endorphins which could account for its effectiveness in these cases as well as for those people suffering from arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.
    In our clinic acupuncture is effectively used to treat sports injuries and in conjunction with other therapies such as herbal medicine, TuiNa and cupping treatment. Successful treatment will restore the balance of the muscular system, relieve pain and accelerate healin