Sports Injuries

    Non-surgical integrative approach

    • Prevents further injury
    • Speeds up recovery
    • Prevents further injury

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    Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have a long history of being used for martial arts injuries,
    and to heal acute and chronic sports injuries.
    Our unique Intermediate Frequency Electrotherapy promotes circulation and increases
    blood flow, and is very helpful in using of treating varies of sports injuries to clear
    inflammation, reduce swollen and release tension from jinjuried muscle fibers.
    blood flow is vital to healing joint, muscle, and tissue injuries. Blood flow carries oxygen and
    nutrients to the injury site. Oxygen helps support cells growth and repair, and support fast and
    efficient healing.
    Acupuncture has a very successful record with sports injuries. Specific acupuncture styles and
    techniques were developed to stop pain and dramatically decrease recovery time and resolve
    stubborn ailments.
    Treatment varies between each patient depending on individual needs and may include one or
    more of the treatments: acupuncture, Intermediate Frequency Electrotherapy, Tui Na or Chinese herbal
    medicine to enhance the results.