• Helen, January 2022


    I have had reflexology, acupuncture, ginseng shots and herbs and am feeling so much better. I have had ME for 21 years and can’t believe how well I am doing at the moment, particularly in the winter which can be tough. It has really made a huge difference and I am really grateful.

    Louisa, 2021


    I really recommend Oriental Healthcare. i have had acupuncture and massage there for stress, anxiety and shoulder pain and feel so much better after a few sessions. They really know their stuff and are highly skilled, as well as being kind and caring - I feel so relaxed after each trip and have noticed a deep feeling of calm after a few sessions. It is also very realistically priced so you can have a course of treatment and I feel the treatment is really designed for me. I am so glad that I tried them.



    I got muscle strain last year, it hurts most of the time. My friend recommended me come to this clinic for Dr Yang. Dr Yang helped him with his sports injury. I had TuiNa, cupping, physio- manipulation and acupuncture with Dr Yang. All the staff and Doctors are professional and caring. I love the environment and soothing music, it’s very relaxing and calm me down. During this special period, everybody needs strength to fight with virus, I think cupping is one of the best weapon can support our body! Highly recommended!

    Barbara, 2021



    I had strong headaches for around 2 months already and went to the NHS many times - the situation was never sorted.. No exams, strong medication (not even diagnosing the source of the issue) - no progression whatsoever
    Started a treatment at this Clinic (massage, herbs, acupuncture) and after a few sessions, and following the team's advice - I was 100% headache free!
    Definitely recommend this place.
    Michelle, the doctor, the young gentleman - all very friendly and knowledgeable
    Thank you 🙏

    Zuzanna, 2021


    I highly recommend this place! I have had done cupping and acupuncture based on my right shoulder blade problem.
    The lady was really nice and I felt safe and guided all the time.
    I had very nice and relaxing time, also during the acupuncture which was designed specifically for my problem. I have had acupuncture before in the hospital and it was a NIGHTMARE but in Yan clinic it was such a relaxing thing!!!



    Few months back I received few sessions accupuncture treatment. I've been going through very stressfull time in my life and this sessions gave me a big relief, after every time my mind calmed down and I slept better. Highly recommend !

    R F, 2021


    I have neglected my back issues for a long time. But after my partner's experience at Yan Clinic I have decided to give it a go.

    I had an initial session where I was able to describe how I was feeling so they could indicate the right path/treatment. I have done weekly sessions in the beginning and now that I am feeling better the sessions are decreasing exponentially until I am fully recovered.

    I have doing accupunture, cupping and massage, and depending on my needs the order can change,and also did herbal treatment for a few weeks, but now that im improving i no longer need them.

    I highly recommend Yan Clinic to everyone who like myself, neglected their problems for so long. You won't regret it!

    Thank you to everyone at Yan Clinic!




    I would definitely recommend visiting the Clinic even for a short consultation. They've helped me to balance out my stress levels as well as sort out my back pains. I've had 4 sessions of acupuncture so far as well as herbal remedies. The whole place has a great ambiance and is very clean. They've made me feel very relaxed and I knew from the beginning that I could trust my doctor. I will be returning for sure.