Successful treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine carries the long term of symptom relief without the side effects or resistance to medication and inhaler.


    Acupuncture can quickly and effectively help the following common symptoms:



    stuffy nose,

    itchy, watery eyes

    cough with wheezing

    frontal headache

    facial pain

    Jaw pain


    Heaviness of the head

    Impaired eye sights



    How Acupuncture Helps with Allergies & Hay Fever:


    Release sneezing and Stuffy nose

    Relieve itchy and watery eyes

    Reduce internal allergens

    Balance immunity

    Reduce body’s reaction to external irritators

    Address the underlying weakness

    Strengthen the body’s defenses abilities

    Avoid embarrassing bookings

    Build self-confidence

    Feel comfortable at peak season

    Improve confidence of social life


    Common questions:


    How long will take to see the results?


    Most improvements in hay fever can be seen in the first session of acupuncture, but major improvements will be seen in the second treatment. It usually takes 6 sessions of acupuncture treatments to stabilize the results.


    Do you have to put needles in my face?

    Unfortunately, the answer is yes, but you have to remember that you are highly having a chance to breathe free in your first session of treatment.


    Do I have to take herbs?

    Herbal medicine can be really useful and get you quicker and more long-lasting results.


    I am on medication, will I still get the results?

    Yes, you will absolutely get results. In fact, many people feel that the side effects from medications are reduced with acupuncture.