Safe & effective treatment without sleeping pills
    • Brings calm & tranquility
    • Regulates natural body clock
    • Effective & long term benefits
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    At Yan Clinic, rather than attempting to sleeping pills, our Chinese medicine & advanced
    acupuncture seeks to find the cause of the insomnia and treat it from the root.
    Everyone suffers from sleeplessness at some time. However when this condition continues as
    insomnia it can be hugely debilitating, leading on to tiredness, inability to concentrate, mood
    changes etc.
    At this time, it can start to impinge on work or relationships creating more stress and anxiety
    which causes further stress and perpetuates the problem.
    The treatment of insomnia may often involve looking into various areas of a persons life;
    emotional stability, hormonal balance, work or home stresses, can all have an effect on
    sleep patterns. By treating with our body-mind integrative approach, people can often
    have a dramatic effect.
    If you are looking for a natural and effective treatment for insomnia, call today on
    02087800955, we look forward to helping you identify the root cause
    of the symptoms and providing you with natural and long-lasting solutions!