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    • Balances hormones
    • Brings a state of tranquility
    • Natural and feeling good session

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    A woman’s emotional stability plays an important foundation for how you go through
    menopause. The sooner we look to balance the body and the mind, the easier of free of
    symptoms your journey will be.
    Although a natural stage in a woman’s life, reaching forties, fifties and onwards, conventional
    medicine considers menopause a disease and therefore requiring HRT.
    The hormonal change in a woman’s life, may cause the muscles to drop, the skin to wrinkle,
    and badly it slows down our metabolism, you might gain weight dramatically.
    Fertunatley, our unique advanced acupuncture has been used widely to addresses any
    imbalance in the body holistically, therefore its efficacy is perfect in dealing with menopause!
    Chinese Medicine is also a gentle, safe and a very effective method of treating menopausal
    symptoms. The emphasis of the treatment is not to increase the level of a certain hormone,
    but rather to restore balance whilst the body is going through these natural changes, to help
    smooth the way in times of adjustment.
    Whether it is during your menstrual cycle, conception, pregnancy or menopause, our unique
    Integrative approach helps optimize a woman’s endocrine system, regulates the nervous
    response, stimulates the release a feel good hormone, endorphins, and calming the mind.
    At Yan Clinic, we will take a full consultation and create a plan specifically for you, which
    brings together services to support your physical, emotional and mental well-being.
    Our patients report not only having an easier journey during menopause, but also feeling
    great in themselves!